Stage 2 Tuning an Audi S3 8V

The MQB platform which uses the EA888 2.0T Engine has great tuning potential, With the correct tuning hardware and software we see around 370bhp on stage 1 and we have seen over 400bhp on stage 2 software!

We have created a tuning package page on our website to help you gauge costs and expected power gains to suit your needs.

The car featured in this blog is a 2019 Audi S3 which has the GPF (gasoline particulate filter) installed as standard, this is a big restricton not only with power but the noise too. we installed a Milltek Sports cat and GPF delete pipe which still passes the MOT but opens up the restriction and noise again. We also fitted the Racingline R600 Induction system, Intake hose and turbo elbow.

The Intercooler was also upgraded for a Wagner competition Intercooler which needs some trimming of the plastic cowling of the car to fit in due to the increased size. 

We installed Ecotune Stage 2 Engine software + APR DQ381 Gearbox software and we achieved 401bhp 539nm on our dyno!!


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